Welcome Message

Dear Friends and Colleagues from the Travel and Tourism Industry,

We are proud to inform you that ASTINDO Fair 2017 will be held from 24 to 26 March 2017 at Plenary & Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center (JCC), Jakarta.  Staging in its seventh year, ASTINDO Fair 2017 will be bigger than its previous years.

Ever since the first conduct of ASTINDO Fair in 2011,  we have seen some exciting developments in our travel and tourism industry, attractive  destinations, diverse cultures, vibrant dining, shopping, entertainment and growth of hotels & resorts,  airlines, cruise lines, etc. compelling for the holidaymakers visiting the fair.

Together with our partners, stakeholders and the community, we have worked tirelessly to put ASTINDO Fair at the forefront of leading and most comprehensive travel fair in Indonesia.  This year we double up the exhibition space to offer more travel-related companies and national tourism offices to exhibit at ASTINDO Fair 2017 and are targeting 175 to 200 billion Rupiah of sales transaction during this three-day event.

With a target of 150 exhibition booths to occupy the 11,463 sqm. of exhibition space and 150,000 visitors during this three-day event,  ASTINDO Fair 2017 will be a one-stop shop for the latest  tourism products and services.   Don’t miss the opportunity to promote and market your products and services to a great number of visitors coming to this annual travel fair.

We are pleased inform you that last year ASTINDO Fair successfully attracted 150 exhibitors consisting of travel agents, NTOs, airlines and many other travel-related companies, attended by with 105,000 visitors and booked 160 billion Rupiah of sales transaction.

Additionally, ASTINDO Fair 2017 will also be held in Surabaya on 24 – 27 March 2017.  As one of major cities in Indonesia, Surabaya has great potentials and we are sure you will not pass this opportunity to take part as exhibitor.

ASTINDO Fair  2017 is supported by a number of leading airlines which will provide their best fares, top notch tour operators, National Tourism Offices worldwide, and other travel-related companies. A supporting bank and insurance company will also participate to create attractive schemes for your esteemed clients.

There is much more opportunities to discover during ASTINDO Fair 2017 and I warmly welcome your participation at ASTINDO Fair 2017 on 24 – 26 March 2017 at Jakarta Convention Center (JCC).

See you all at ASTINDO Fair 2017 !!!






Elly Hutabarat            
President ASTINDO